Removing Toxins from the Body

cleanse toxins from bodyWhen you spend time at the spa, one of the most beneficial processes you can go through is detoxification. Detoxification is the removal of harmful chemicals and compounds from the body. Nature intended for people to be free of toxins, but our collective lifestyle has created pollutants in our food, water, air and other elements we encounter and ingest. This means that toxins effect our bodily chemistry, interacting with it, changing it and corrupting it. The removal of these harmful toxins from our bodies is essential to our health, and many services at day spas and retreat spas are created to do exactly that.

A sauna is a favorite spa based method of detoxification. A sauna can either be wet or dry, but it is always hot. Saunas are rooms made out of wood that are heated by an internal furnace. The idea of a sauna is to help people sweat out toxins they have ingested or metabolized by raising circulation and activating the sweat glands. Many people find that their skin is visibly healthier looking after they come out of a sauna because the detoxification takes effect that quickly.

Steam rooms are another favorite way of detoxing. Steam has long been known to have beneficial health properties. It is healing to breathe steam and healing to surround yourself in. Its positive effects on the skin have been noted by medical professionals. Our bodies are largely comprised of water, and being surrounded by steam and humidity is very good for replenishing our water content. The heat that comes with steam aids our sweat glands in secreting out harmful toxins we have been exposed to.

And lastly, the whirlpool jacuzzi is another long time favorite of spa attendees for detoxification purposes. The lightly chlorinated water is excellent for cleansing the skin of impurities. It is important to wash the chlorine off and moisturize when you leave a whirlpool so your skin and hair is not excessively dried out by the chlorine, but the combination of the moving water and the light chlorine are great for removing toxins that are at the skin’s surface.

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